Rank tracking tools

Accurate and inexpensive rank tracking tools

Keyword rank tracking is important for generating sufficient traffic to the website. It is critical to be aware of the perfect keywords for increasing visibility and traffic. Using the keywords which are sought-after by the users can increase your search engine rankings considerably. You can use different keyword rank tracking tools to understand the suitability of keywords for your website. It helps you improve your SEO which increases visibility and traffic. Some of the best keyword rank tracking tools which you can use are discussed below.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a complete and end-to-end SEO suite. It helps you to track keyword rankings according to region, country, city etc. You can track the real-time ranking of your keywords in the search engines for your chosen location and countries. In addition to tracking your own keywords, you can also track the keyword rankings of up to 5 of your competitors. You can also let SE Ranking automatically discover your top 10 competitors and track their keyword ranking. The dashboard is user-friendly and gives you the tracking results of each chosen combination. There are plenty of filters to analyze your data. You also get excellent white label reporting with SE Ranking.


AuthorityLabs provides accurate and reliable search engine ranking data and is a popular keyword ranking tool among SEO professionals. This tool can track keywords ranking on your websites in every country and language available on the search engines. You can track local keyword rankings by choosing a particular city or zip code. You can also track your competitors alongside your keywords. The AuthorityLabs dashboard allows you to check daily keyword rankings on your website and lets you analyze how your chosen keywords are faring. You also get scheduled reports. You can set the frequency of reports suitable for you and automate the data export. The pricing starts from $49 per month.


SERPWatcher is a user-friendly and easy to use keyword rank tracking tool. You can select the country, state, or city for each domain you want to track. You can check your ranked keywords, search volumes, and change in rankings on the dashboard. You can check various key metrics and charts also on the dashboard. You can check biggest changes in metrics, estimated traffic per month, keyword position flow, keyword position distribution etc. using SERPWatcher. You get interactive and live tracking reports. There is the option of setting up custom notification which can be handy for urgent notifications like when the keyword enters top 10 or leaves top 100.

ProRank Tracker

ProRank Tracker allows you to track keyword ranking from different countries and cities. It claims to use the most accurate algorithm among all keyword tracking tools. You can track the keywords on multiple platforms like mobile, desktop, YouTube, Amazon etc. ProRank Tracker automatically tracks your keywords daily. You can track the changes in keyword ranking for different periods- daily, weekly, monthly etc. It provides you detailed reports like overview reports, historical reports, progress reports etc. You can customize these reports with your branding as they are white label. You also get the option of scheduled automated reports that can be shared through email or saved to your preferred location and platform. The pricing starts at $19 per month.

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