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Use PromoRepublic to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more

Would you appreciate scheduling or creating images to Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites? Yes, now it is possible with PromoRepublic tool. You can do create and schedule your posts.

Marketing your business successfully on social media platforms is possible on creating visuals. This is because the visuals are the ones that drive the highest engagement on networks taking the value of the post to the top. There are popular networks permitting only posting visuals.

Why PromoRepublic?

Fortunately, now there are numerous tools in PromoRepublic for online designing. This is possible as there are predesigned templates in PromoRepublic and they also have tools such as photo editors to help you in designing the images quickly, but there is one thing you must know that you are not let to schedule the images created by you.

Of course, there are some places allowing you to share onto social media your visuals. However, this is not enough to acquire the highest engagement. There is a need to schedule images at a regular frequency at optimal times. Thus, the right approach is to opt for PromoRepublic’s regular tools of creating images by downloading from their templates and uploading them finally on the other social media networks on the basis of schedule.

If you are wishing to go for some solution to bridge scheduling and creation, just try PromoRepublic. You are sure to create images quickly using its readily available templates and making use of the graphics editor you can not only edit, but also directly schedule them.

Now know here how PromoRepublic can be used to create and schedule on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Read this article

Signing up to PromoRepublic is easy

There is a need to sign up PromoRepublic to get a free visit on this page and to click on the button ‘Join Now’. You can join for free by clicking on the blue button. This is created for the readers.

On signing you will reach a page so that you can sign with Facebook or you can fill a form providing the details and on clicking the button ‘Sign up for free’ that is in blue color. PromoRepublic offers a few paid plans to sign up if you are convinced with their trail. The pricing is as low as $9 as the basic level.

On signing, your account is created and you can instantly start using it. Automatically, PromoRepublic takes a guided tour so that you know the way of creating images. You can go through this tour, create and schedule your images or you may skip the button and browse the features.

Graphic editor and ideas library

Beginning with the post ideas library, PromoRepublic allows you to use the ready premium templates. Click on ‘Post ideas’ that is seen on the menu. On visiting it will ask for a topic for the first time to get an idea about relevant templates. All you have to do is choose one and if required use the graphics editor and change it.

Browsing the Post Ideas may take some time to find suitable templates. Allocating some time is essential as there are over 100,000 templates available. Having a better option is the best and so use the menu top to filter the images relying on your actual use.

On picking a template, you may click on it. Then, you may schedule directly the image or consider making edits. This is possible by scheduling or even on clicking on the icon ‘Edit’ appearing as you hover over the image your cursor. On clicking the icon of the edit, you will see the image editor.

Choose your choice of social network and create the image by adjusting the dimensions. Change the template, add objects such as lines, ribbons, banners, etc, add background images, edit the text or include a new text and also upload new images.

Create posts from scratch

If you are not keen on using a template, just delete it and make use of the text options and objects, background images and create your choice of template. PromoRepublic also has some amazing Instagram images and photos.

If you are convinced with the appearance of the image you may download or save it or you can click on it directly the ‘Use’ button to schedule. On clicking this button you will reach a new page allowing you to immediately publish it or you can add it to the queue or consider scheduling it. You can also see a ‘+’ sign on this page and this helps you to add in more social networks.

Events calendar built in PromoRepublic

Visit the calendar appearing on the menu top as “calendar’ and click on it. In ‘My Content’ tab there are images scheduled in calendar format.

In the ‘Upcoming Events’, there is a calendar displaying the holidays upcoming. This allows for creating relevant visuals. The calendar also suggests templates to use for the events.

PromoRepublic analytics

As your posts go live you may check the way they are performing using the post analytics of PromoRepublic, it shows the numbers of views, visits, clicks, Likes, etc. You can also assess the efficiency of your post.

There are many Social Media management tools available. I decided to stick with PromoRepublic and Stackposts as well. They are different and I use it for different purposes. It’s worth mentioning that you might want to use PromoRepublic coupon code available here

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