Virtual Private Network

Why and when you should use VPN?

With the growing use of and dependence on internet in business, data security and protection has emerged as an important consideration. Using a VPN provides you with high degree of security and protection from data breaches. It allows the users to connect to the internet via a remote server and thus hides the online identity of the user. Your IP address and identity will be completely anonymous while using VPN. There are many good VPN providers like NordVPN which you can consider. The key reasons why you should use VPN for your business are as follows.

Secure Remote Access

Using a VPN allows your staff the flexibility of securely accessing the company data and resources from anywhere in the world. They can be more efficient and productive and do their job even when they are traveling. When traveling to other countries, it can become difficult for your staff to access sensitive company data and resources on unsecured internet connections. Such connections can be easily compromised and hacked into. They can instead log in and access company data by a secure VPN connection which reduces scope of potential security and data breaches.

Increased Security

Accessing the internet via VPN is highly secure. When you connect to the internet using the standard protocol, your data is not secured and can be hacked easily. Using VPN allows you to secure your data as your data is encrypted during the online sessions and cannot be intercepted. Most reputed VPN service providers like NordVPN, use military-grade encryption like Advanced Encryption Services (AES) with 256-bit keys for providing high level of security to their users.

Better Online Experience

Using VPN will enhance your online experience considerably due to faster data transfer and data transmission. This will provide you excellent internet speeds especially during downloading vast files. The ISPs constantly monitor the data usage and online behavior of most users. If you are consuming more data in specific online activities like videos, downloading large amounts of data etc. then your internet speeds can be throttled to reduce data consumption and network congestion. A VPN does not allow ISPs to monitor your online activities which protects you from data throttling, thereby providing high internet speeds for better online experience.

Working in Countries with Content Restrictions

When your staff is traveling to countries with stricter internet content regulations, they may find it difficult to access corporate resources as the country may block access to the resource. You need to use VPN in such situations. Your staff can access the corporate data as if they are still in the U.S. by connecting to the internet via a U.S. based server. VPN helps you bypass the geo-restrictions on accessing resources on the internet and access the resources freely. You should inquire with your VPN service provider about their log maintenance policy, as they can share it with authorities if asked for.


VPNs are worthy of their cost. Typically, the cost for VPN services start from as low as $10 per month. This is a very meager amount to pay considering the benefits it offers to your business. You should definitely take a opt for VPN from a professional and reputed service provider like NordVPN.

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