Bitly alternative with advanced features and metrics

JotURL is a comprehensive digital marketing optimization software. It is designed for digital marketers, e-commerce platforms, advertising agencies etc. for managing, optimizing, comparing, and monitoring all their marketing links. JotURL is developed for improving your inbound marketing results and conversions and enhancing the end user experience at the same time. It comes with different features. The current article provides an overview of JotURL.

Key Benefits of Using JotURL

The following are the key benefits of using JotURL. But there’s much more than this. I have been using Bitly and Mighty URL for quite long time but a month ago I switched to JotURL. Read this article to find out why.

Better Click Through Ratio (CTR)

You can create branded tracking links and QR codes by using JotURL. It lets you organize your content and campaigns conveniently. It helps you increase your CTR considerably which increases the profitability of your business. You can identify the best marketing sources and channels by using JotURL. This allows you to optimize your results and improve the effectiveness of the links shared by you.

Customized Call to Actions (CTAs)

One of the most powerful features of JotURL is the ability to customize the CTAs. You can customize CTAs which helps you to increase the effectiveness of CTAs drastically and improve the performance of all the links shared by you. When the end users come across quality content and CTAs that capture their attention, they visit your website regularly and you get increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

Discover Most Effective Channels

By using JotURL, you can closely monitor all your campaigns and channels and discover the most effective channel which contributes the heaviest to your sales. You can get key metrics like views, clicks, conversions, revenue etc. can be accessed for each channel which provide you invaluable information for designing appropriate marketing strategies. This helps to strengthen you marketing strategies and ensure improved revenue and profitability.

Retain Your Customers

JotURL allows you to create new customers and also retain them over time. It comes with powerful retargeting feature which allows you to retarget the customers who click on your links. It comes with an efficient software which captures all the relevant details of the users clicking on your links and creates their profile. JotURL is integrated with different social media platforms which allows the users to receive advertisements that are most relevant to the content which they accessed and viewed on your website.

JotURL Pricing

You can start using JotURL as a 14-day trial offer, after which you need to pay based on the plan chosen by you. You can start using it for free with the basic plan which is for 1 user and offers 1000 events and 5 campaigns per month. The Growth Plan comes at €7 per month and can be used for 3 users. You get 5000 events and 2000 tracking links per month. The Pro Plan costs you €55 per month for 10 users. It gives you 100,000 events to track per month and 30,000 tracking links. The Business Plan is priced at €135 per month for 30 users and offers 500,000 events per month and 100,000 tracking links. You can store your 2 year’s analytics data with the Business Plan.

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