Uber is popular in Australia. What about Bolt (Taxify)?

Taxify is emerging as a major competitor to Uber in Australia. Uber is no longer the only prominent player in the taxi hiring domain in Australia. Both these players use mobile apps for allowing you to book rides and link your credit card for digital and cashless payments. The current article examines the overall features of Uber and Taxify along with the pricing details for helping you to select the best mobile app-based taxi service in Australia.

Basic Features

Uber is available in all major locations in Australia whereas Taxify operates only in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. Uber has a competitive advantage in terms of coverage in Australia. Both the operators have a large and varied fleet of vehicles catering to the specific needs of their customers. Neither of these services accept cash and you need to pay via digital mode. You can link your credit card to their mobile application and your card will be charged with the fare after your ride is completed. If you have pets, then both these operators may allow you to carry them along with you, based on driver’s permission. You should check with the drivers before booking your ride if you want to take your pets along with you. Uber does not provide child seats while some drivers on Taxify may have child seats, but it’s better to check with them or carry your own child seat if you have infants and toddlers with you.

Taxify is emerging as a great alternative to Uber in Australia due to its features and competitive prices. Drivers are generally available during peak hours and the usual waiting time ranges between 3-7 minutes. It also comes out with lucrative offers regularly.

Taxify Pricing

Uber still remains the pricier option compared to Taxify in Australia. The premium pricing is mostly due to better coverage across Australia, more drivers on the road, and lesser waiting times. However, this does not always necessarily lead to savings for you as you generally have to pay more for using Uber. The base fare for both the services is $2.50. Uber charges $0.55 as the booking fee while Taxify charges you $1.65+$0.10 per km. Both of service providers have a minimum fare of $9.00 and charge you $0.40 per minute. One of the biggest advantages of booking Taxify is that they don’t charge you any cancellation fee.

Another important consideration on the pricing front is surge pricing of both the service providers. Uber charges you surge pricing and if you get caught in heavy traffic during peak hours, weekends, holidays, festivals etc. you will have to shell out a hefty fare for your ride. In some cases, these surge pricing can increase your total fare more than what a conventional taxi ride operator will charge you. Taxfiy on the other hand locks their surge pricing at 1.5X and does not turn it on manually. While Uber tracks the demand and supply of drivers and changes their surge pricing accordingly. This makes them a relatively cheaper option in Australia compared to Uber.

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