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How to schedule Social Media posts using tools like Midrub?

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and powerful medium of digital marketing. It helps the businesses develop better relationships with the customers and engage with them in a far more meaningful manner. Successful social media management goes a long way in ensuring better brand awareness and visibility and increased profits. Businesses are competing with each another in a fiercely competitive environment and social media management holds the key for getting ahead of the competition. Social media management is a continuous and thorough exercise which requires significant time and resources to be successfully executed. Midrub- the social media dashboard- helps the business reap the rewards of proactive social media management.

Social Media management may be time-consuming

Though social media is important for engaging with potential customers and clients, it can be a time-consuming thing also. Effectively engaging with stakeholders on social media requires continuous efforts and an actively managed social media platform. Scheduling the posts to be published in highly recommended as it saves considerable time and other resources of the business. The article explores the potential benefits of scheduling social media posts using Midrub for better social media management and effective engagement with the stakeholders. The key benefits of scheduling social media posts using Midrub are as follows:

Saves time

Scheduling social media posts using Midrub helps save time. It does away with the need for manual scheduling of posts and people continuously working on scheduling posts. This automation of the posts results in effective social media management. It helps save significant time and other resources for the businesses. Generally, businesses plan social media posts weeks or even months in advance by using Midrub, so there is no need for the staff to log in daily and publish the posts. The time saved on this front can be productively utilized for other works.

Eliminate chances of missing posts

Active social media management is the key for successful stakeholder engagement in the digital world. Engaging with the customers regularly and through scheduled posts are important and missing out on publishing important posts can cost the businesses a lot. As the social media posts to be published well in advance, there is no chance of missing to publish a post, since the process is automated. Sometimes publishing important posts can be missed by human error when the posts are manually published. Midrub’s post planner feature takes care of this routine work so that the teams can work on more productive and important business domains.

Avoid distractions

Social media can be distracting. Posting manually across different social media platforms regularly takes up lot of valuable time and creates distractions. Once the businesses automate the process of scheduling social media posts using Midrub, they take care of the distractions and resulting time consumption. Midrub’s post planner feature promotes efficiency in social media management and better utilization of time and other important resources of the businesses.

Relevant posts

When the businesses have to plan their social media posts well in advance, they need to be clear on what and when needs to be published. This provides clarity on social media management and engagement of stakeholders through it. It also brings strategic planning and thinking for scheduling posts to be published. Scheduling the posts also helps in mapping the promotional content and creation of better campaigns. The content becomes more focused and relevant for the customers and they appreciate it. This more relevant content engages the customers betters and drives more organic traffic back to the businesses’ social media platforms and websites. Hence, using Midrub for social media scheduling, the companies can prepare better social media campaigns and drive the profitability of the businesses.

Consistency in Social Media management

When a professional social media dashboard like Midrub is used, it leads to consistent and cohesive social media management. The businesses do not have to worry about managing multiple social media platforms individually. Midrub provides management of up to 20 different social media platforms and is able to publish posts and RSS feeds across them simultaneously. Since it allows the businesses to plan their social media content across multiple platforms, it leads to better planning of posts and consistency in posting. The companies come up with similar consistent and cohesive posts across all the social media platforms. It leads to setting up of consistent expectations on the part of the customers about the businesses and what they can expect from the company in future posts. It creates an image and consistency on the brand of the business.

Efficient resource utilization

It is critical for any business to allocate resources in a manner that they are being used productively and contribute towards the overall profitability. Midrub helps the companies in this regard by automating the process of social media management. When the entire process of publishing social media posts is automated, it frees people of this mundane task. They can be deployed instead to more productive and core business operations. There is also no worry of technical team staff being on vacation and unable to manage the social media posts. This results in more efficient resource utilization for the business and greater return on investments on the resources hired.

Posts during vacations and festive seasons

There are times like the vacations and festive seasons- Christmas, New Year, other important festivals- when the businesses would like to engage more intensively with the customers. They can publish targeted social media posts which can help conversion rates and bring in revenue. Using Midrub, this can be planned well in advance and successful social media engagement can be achieved.


With the ever-growing domain and influence of social media, no business- large or small- can ignore social media. It provides a platform for connecting with the potential customers and engaging with them in an effective manner. This helps create awareness and visibility for the brand and also contributes towards greater conversion rates. Midrub helps the businesses to plan and execute a comprehensive social media management strategy. It can assist them in building better bonds with the relevant business stakeholders and customers and drive the visibility and profitability of the business forward.

Midrub can help you manage many Social Media profiles, but it’s not the only tool that does that. If you like one-time-payment tools you should strongly consider Stackposts, which seems more stable and mature. If you are a fan of SaaS tools have a look at PromoRepublic, Agorapulse and Sendible. Every of them will save you a lot of time if you have multiple Social Media profiles to be managed.

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